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Author: Mahadevan Thampi


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Azadi Before breathing his last, Kashmrii freedom fighter and Gandhian, Beytullah, wants to meet P P Menon, his old friend, who was a senior bureaucrat in Kashmir decades ago. Ignoring his failing health, Menon starts on a dangerous journey from Kerala to Kashmir. He is accompanied by his grandson, Hari, who heads the special task force of the Indian Armed Forces in Kashmir. Beytullah has a stunning secret to share; one that he has held for several decades. Soon, Menon finds himself in the thick of politics, conflicts, and in a dangerous situation. The novelist weaves with mastery, the political context of Kashmir inseparably with the personal lives of Kashmiris to create a rich and colourful novel; a brilliant work that informs, plays on emotions, and inspires.

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Mahadevan Thampi

Mahadevan Thampi

About Mahadevan Thampi

Journalist, Story writer and Novelist. Born at Kerala State, Muthukulam, Alappuzha. Graduate in Economics and Journalism from Delhi University. Was Director in the State Information Department. Presently News Line Editor. Stories of Mahadevan Thambi have been translated into Hindi, Kannada and English. He has been given Uroob award for the best composition of stories.