Dr.V.Kurian Baby

Dr.V.Kurian Baby

Dr. V. Kurien Baby

Dr. V. Kurien Baby, IAS, former District Collector, Thrissur (2008-2010), is now working as Managing Director, Kerala Water Authority, Executive Director, Kerala Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Agency (Jalanidhi) and Director, NORKA Department, Government of Kerala. He is a post graduate in economics with a Ph.D in regulatory economics. He has specialization in Project Management from IIM Ahmadabad and Development Policy from the World Bank Institute, Washington D.C, USA. Having rich and varied experience in publicadministration and management in Government, he had undertaken extensive national and international assignments with multilateral agencies like the World Bank, UNDP, European Commission, JICA and other International Agencies.

He had penned verses in both Malayalam and English for periodicals and for the anthology of poems published by the Institute of English, University of Kerala. Having a number of articles to his credit, he has also authored ‘Globalization and Market Outcomes – Strategic Evidences’ (Rawat Publishers, 2009.)


T.C.50-34, Civil Lines, Ayyanthole, Thrissur, 

Kerala - 680 003, India.

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Echoes of Silence- Dr.V Kurian Baby

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The Vedic seer warned us that there is somebody sitting beside you, walking along with you and returning with you. It could be any God. Our poet, Baby, would endearingly call it either silence or death - �In silence we perish�. It could be also freedom - �The Echoes of Silence.� This is profundity - the bewildering profundity that only poetry can ..

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