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Category: Novels
Publisher: Sanddunes
ISBN: 9789388830720
Page(s): 216
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Book Description

Azadi Before breathing his last, Kashmrii freedom fighter and Gandhian, Beytullah, wants to meet P P Menon, his old friend, who was a senior bureaucrat in Kashmir decades ago. Ignoring his failing health, Menon starts on a dangerous journey from Kerala to Kashmir. He is accompanied by his grandson, Hari, who heads the special task force of the Indian Armed Forces in Kashmir. Beytullah has a stunning secret to share; one that he has held for several decades. Soon, Menon finds himself in the thick of politics, conflicts, and in a dangerous situation. The novelist weaves with mastery, the political context of Kashmir inseparably with the personal lives of Kashmiris to create a rich and colourful novel; a brilliant work that informs, plays on emotions, and inspires.

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