Gods Never Die ...

Gods Never Die ...

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Category: Novels, Gmotivation, Imprints
Original Language: English
Publisher: Gmotivation
ISBN: 9789388830980
Page(s): 184
Binding: Paper back
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Book Description

Book by AVIN THATTASSERI This Story of a devadasi.though the means of living of devadasi is prostitution , devadasi community does not agree ti it, the believe they are protecting a great heritage and culture of the country. Loving a man is forbidden to Devadasi, She Can only feign love . Husband will never exist for devadfasi because he causes her fall. though love id forbidden, devadasi always longs for, it and dies without achieving it. Any man coming to devadasi is not a human but aGod, The characters, names, places, activities and everything described in this novel are fictional

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