Vishalamanaskan Combo

Vishalamanaskan Combo

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Vishalamanaskan Combo

The Sampoorna Kodakara Puranam

It also has sample write-ups from Sajeev's other humorous series like Scrap Swapnangal, Fujairah Days, Dubai Days, Durbalan Diaries, Visalabharatham and Jebel Ali Days.Complete collection of hilarious Kodakara stories penned by Sajeev Edathadan, popularly known as Visalamanaskan. This book has all the 87 write-ups of Kodakarapuranam, initially published in his blog.

Dubai Days

power of this book lies in its simple, truthful, humorous style of narration.Yet another collection of hilarious write up from the author of famous 'Kodakarapuranam', Sajeev Edathadan aka Visalamanaskan. 'Dubai Days' is a laughter wrapped in thought  initially published in his blog . The

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