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S. Mahadevan Thampi taakes us on trip to one of the bloodiest episodes of Sri Lanka in the recent history of South Asia.'Purge' revisits the mass exodus during the civil war that shook Sri Lanka; it is a true account of the never-healing wounds that the war left behind in the mind of refugees. The noel tells that story of undocumented war victims t..



Azadi Before breathing his last, Kashmrii freedom fighter and Gandhian, Beytullah, wants to meet P P Menon, his old friend, who was a senior bureaucrat in Kashmir decades ago. Ignoring his failing health, Menon starts on a dangerous journey from Kerala to Kashmir. He is accompanied by his grandson, Hari, who heads the special task force of the Ind..

Dubai Puzha


A memory lane of Emirates life, upholding the history and culture Dubai Puzha reflects the struggles of migrants to accommodate themselves in an alien soil. Krishnadas focuses on the Malayali diaspora, who where the boat people or the refugees of the seventies and the theme has now a universal relevance. Walking down the memory lane spann..

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