Sandeep (Kalathimekkad) coming out with his second collection of poetry, is involved mostly
with scientific research fabricating paths and guiding light in flexible foils, working for his PhD at Centre for MicroSystems Technology at University of Ghent, Belgium. He is also a vocalist, trained in carnatic classical style and kathakali music, and has performed in many stages in Kerala and a few in Europe. Technology’s portage trail is accompanied by music, passionate following of one beautiful game and writing verses along the way. 'Sheer Echoes of Time', a collection of poems published in 2006 is his premier work. Son of lawyer turned sociologist K. N. K. Sarma and Savithri.Born in 1984 in Kozhikode, Kerala.

ELINTEC-Cmst (Centre for MicroSystems Technology)
Technologiepark 914, B-9052 Gent, Belgium
tel : + 32-9-264.55.12, fax : +32-9-264.53.74

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Complaints of a Selfish Soul

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Book by SandeepThis poetbridges continents, culturers and time as well as domainsof creativity with ease.....Social inequities trouble him , regardless that they are not new , and he protests frankly , with both compassion and moral outrage , The poems are rich with distinctive images , rhythms and metaphors, often profoundly integrated. time persp..

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