Kavyasree Pratheep

Kavyasree Pratheep
Kavyasree Pratheep

Kavyasree Pratheep, a debut student writer is studying in Grade 10 in The Emirates National School, Sharjah. Her passion in writing started from writing poetries from Grade 6. She is voracious reader and being inspired by the fantasy fiction, she has put her first attempt in writing a fantasy fiction from Grade 9. This book is her first completed work and is looking for advices and suggestions for betterment.

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Damas Building, 2nd Floor-245, Rolla, Sharjah

Phone : 00971502171931, 00971507473126

Email : sreelathapradeep.28@gmail.com


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Kavyasree PratheepOne night, when six friends marched into a library in search of a book, little did they know what surprise their fate had for them – a trip to a world known to mankind only through fantasy books. Trained by two great teachers in fields of both weaponry and magic, the six of them embark on a quest to save the world from a powerful ..

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