Kunjan serves as Assistant Professor of English at  Govt.Arts and Science College Pathirippala,  Palakkad, Kerala. She is passionate about Mythology, Philosophy, and Epic studies. Kunjan believes in the power of mind, the strength of will and the drive of a virtuous desire which can alter one’s destiny. Though it is not her official name, she prefers to be known as Kunjan because she was named so by her husband. Kunjan lives in the small town of Ottapalam with  her husband Madhu and son Karthik.

Address: Sunitha Murali, Madhavam, 

K.V. Road, Palappuram P.O., 

Ottappalam, Palakkad - 679 103

Ph: 7025213243

Email: sunithamurali1977@gmail.com

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Book By KunjanA girl who hadA Cotton Candy heartThat stored inAll memoriesIn its Pinkish layers....Enchanted byGranny’sNarration ofAshwatthama ,Gandharva,andDemons.....Wakes upOne fine morningTo get discardedFrom the Ocean of LoveTo the Desert of Desertion.The pangs of loneliness ,The inner revolt of words untoldThe anguish of the abandoned,Made he..

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