A Love At Paris

A Love At Paris

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Category: Novels, Gmotivation, Books Of Love
Original Language: English
Publisher: Gmotivation
ISBN: 9789391072827
Page(s): 290
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Book Description

Ebin Baby

The romantic story, which waves through the love and happiness, along with a journey through the Paris elementary constitutes the basic formula of my book titled "A LOVE AT PARIS'.  It will be a romantic journey for all, with always loved. The story revolves mainly around the two characters 'Ebby and Anu'. The story constructing through their traveling around the Paris and discussing the social-contemporary matters pointing out the sex education papers as a relevant words, making it to be discussed. In-between their travel, Anu finds out that he is in a complete wretch and not happy. The reason he finds out and pull off is about the 'love', the extreme love. The word 'love' is the tracking and flowing wave of life that a human can get in his life span accurately unique, and besides that he finds some misconceptions in our society. And the book is discussing about the silhouettes of our love.

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