Artificial Intelligence (English)

Artificial Intelligence (English)

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Book Description

Artificial Intelligence

Sony Thomas Ambooken , Sanjay Gopinath

Do you feel left out from the conversations about AI happening around you?  Are you fascinated by the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but don't have a technical background? Don't worry. This book will help you get there. With this easy-to-read book you'll start your journey of AI. Within the span of a single hour, you'll gain a solid foundation and develop a keen awareness of AI and its profound impact on our lives. No nonsense, no jargon, just concise and straightforward insights that equip you to converse intelligently about AI. Discover how AI shapes industries, influences your everyday life, and holds the key to our future. With this book, you'll quickly grasp AI concepts and become an informed participant in discussions about this transformative technology

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