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Green Reads

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Category: Stories, Gmotivation, Woman Writers, Imprints
Original Language: English
Publisher: Gmotivation
ISBN: 9789389671803
Page(s): 120
Binding: Paper back
Weight: 150.00 g
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Book Description

Book by Reeja Jacob Valloor This book is a collection of short stories with a strong message of co-existence, caring for the environment, spreading the good, and passing it forward. The stories are short and simple and get children think about how we need to take far better care of our planet. It also teaches basic science concepts such as nature awareness, behaviour of insects and birds, interdependence in ecosystems and the causes and effects of change.It is a wonderful addition to life-science resources. There are a slew of beautiful, nature-themed 21 short stories that give a taste and glimpse into nature and enable young readers to learn compassion and value of life by observing, exploring and interacting with plants and animals.It never fails to inspire-this book reminds us to do something to make the world more beautiful place.

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