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Category: Novels
Original Language: English
Publisher: Sanddunes
ISBN: 9789389671643
Page(s): 112
Binding: Paper Back
Weight: 150.00 g
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Book Description

S. Mahadevan Thampi taakes us on trip to one of the bloodiest episodes of Sri Lanka in the recent history of South Asia.'Purge' revisits the mass exodus during the civil war that shook Sri Lanka; it is a true account of the never-healing wounds that the war left behind in the mind of refugees. The noel tells that story of undocumented war victims through a mother who seekss the help of two journalist  to find her young doughters who went missing during war. The novel written in the form of diary notes reveal how ruthlessly the Tigers operated to achieve their goals and the sufferings of ordinary people caught between LTTE and the Sri Lankan Army.

Translator : P Muraleedharan

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