Echoes of Silence- Dr.V Kurian Baby

Echoes of Silence- Dr.V Kurian Baby

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Book Description

The Vedic seer warned us that there is somebody sitting beside you, walking along with you and returning with you. It could be any God. Our poet, Baby, would endearingly call it either silence or death - �In silence we perish�. It could be also freedom - �The Echoes of Silence.� This is profundity - the bewildering profundity that only poetry can grant you. Dr. Sukumar Azhicode Baby�s poetry is the baring of a sensibility enriched by experiences and awareness. His diction is precise. The poems are well structured and often reminds of Emily Dickinson in brevity and condensation. Poetry here is not an expression of or an escape from the poet�s personality but the crystallization of the dreams and anxieties of an agonized mind..... Reading these poems is an illuminating experience as we begin to live in a subtle mind sensitized with existential and experiential angst. With this first collection of poems Baby has commanded a slot for himself, which is indeed uncommon in the rarefied sphere of poetry. K. Jayakumar IAS

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